PEROXIDON® Preparation for non-vital teeth bleaching


Preparation for non-vital teeth bleaching


Urea peroxide


PEROXIDON® is designed for whitening non-vital teeth only.

Action description

After application urea peroxide decomposes to urea and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes then into available oxygen and water. The available oxygen is the active ingredient of the product, which saturates or eliminates chemical bonds, that are responsible for colour of pigment molecules included in teeth.

Product handling

Paste preparation:

Container with the powder should be strongly shaked up before use, in order to break the powder clods. For measuring off the powder use the spoon attached to the unit package. Remove powder excess using the container's edge.

I Recommended proportion: 2 spoons of powder / 1 drop of glycerine



  • check before bleaching, whether root canal is appropriately obturated with filling material, in case of inappropriate obturation, re-endodontic treatment is necessary;
  • remove filling material from the root canal, 1-2 mm below the cemento-enamel junction;
  • cover root filling material with 0.5-1 mm layer of non-setting calcium hydroxide (e.g. Biopulp), and then apply glass-ionomer material. This procedure maintains alkaline pH of the environment, and neutralize possible bleaching material leakage near the neck of the tooth;
  • cover thoroughly the bottom and walls of accurately cleaned chamber, with the paste prepared formerly, cover with a cotton swab and then close tightly with cement – pay particular attention to filling leakproofness;
  • after 4-5 days rinse the chamber with water. If whitening effect is sufficient, apply permanent filling, otherwise repeat the procedure.
  • if the result after triple application of the product is not satisfying, other treatment (e.g. placing dental veneers) should be considered.


Available packaging

Primary package contains:

  1. Plastic container with 7 g of powder  (approx. 60 doses)
  2. Polyethylene spoon for powder dosing
Storage conditions

Store only in the original packaging, protect from moisture.

Keep away from heat, sparks, direct fire, hot surfaces.

Store in temperature below 25ºC.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep away from sunlight.

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Whiteness HP Maxx


Whiteness HP Maxx is a bleaching based on Hydrogen peroxide at 35% for the whitening of vital and non-vital teeth. The product contains a group of special dyes, which act as an absorbent barrier also serving as time indicators (its color alters from intense red to green). When irradiated with light, they turn it into thermal energy, which accelerates the process of peroxide penetration in the tooth and consequently, the bleaching process. Besides the dyes, the product still contains an inorganic load, which acts as a barrier and collector of heat waves. This barrier makes the heat waves act on the gel as an accelerator of the bleaching process and consequently protects the pulp from being directly reached increasing its temperature and causing sensitivity.

Kit - up to 18 applications

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Top Dam

Top dam is a light-cure composite, which replaces a rubber dam in some cases where relative gum isolation is sufficient. It is indicated during tooth whitening with gels with high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and as an accessory for absolute isolation.

colors: BLUE and GREEN 

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Whiteness HP Blue Calcium


Whiteness HP Blue was developed in order to transform dental bleaching into a simpler process without jeopardizing speed, since light source for acceleration is not required. Besides that the product is available in pre-dosed portions that enable a single application per session on both arches without the need to change the gel. Also there is another great benefit in the product formula, wich contains Calcium, decreasing hypersensitivity and enamel’s mineral loss.


6 syringe set (1.2 g in each syringe set, 7.2 g of bleaching gel in total)
1  bottle with 2 g of Neutralize solution
1  syringe with 2 g of Top Dam

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White Class 7,5% 3g.

White Class Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 4%, 6%, 7.5%, and 10% for supervised at-home use. • Potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride as desensitizing agents. • Contains calcium. Advantages Double Desensitizing Action: Neural action of potassium nitrate and occlusive sodium fluoride. Potassium nitrate is an effective agent in the treatment of hyperesthetic dentin. Its action is based on the fact that the increased concentration of extracellular potassium depolarizes the membranes of nerve fibers, blocking the passage of the stimulus, reducing hypersensitivity. Calcium: Prevents demineralization and reduces hypersensitivity. Quickness: Shorter daily wearing time. 4%: 2 hours a day, 6%: 1 hour and 30 hours a day 7,5%: 1 hour a day 10%: 30 minutes a day Indications • Whitening of vital teeth using the at-home whitening technique supervised by a dentist. Register the teeth shade so that the dentist and the patient can have a comparison parameter for the whitening. Recording of teeth shade can be made using a shade guide or a photograph. Molding: molding can be made with alginate and must properly copy all teeth that will be whitened.Mold is made of stone-gypsum, in order to prevent bubbles. It is not necessary to relief the model to create gel shells.Place the 1mm acetate plate Whiteness Plates for Molds (FGM) into the thermal laminator until forming a slight bending due to the heat. Then, pull the plastic state plate over the gypsum model, so the suction can thermal format the mold into the model. The plate’s removal must be made after it has fully cooled down.

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Whiteness HP Auto Mix 6%

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Whiteness Perfect 16%


Dental bleaching gel based on Carbamide Peroxide in concentrations of 16%. Dual desensitizing action: Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride. For home use under professional supervision.

Package Content

3 g syringes of bleaching gel

5 syringe tips

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