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One Coat Bond

Etching & Bonding

Universal light cured bonding system for the total-etch technique. Super concentrated. One Component. One Step.

  • Gel-like consistency – does not slump or drip for safe application
  • Only one application layer
  • Solvent free – no evaporation, no drying out
  • Super concentrated – on average 100 drops per syringe
  • Excellent wetting properties on moist tooth structure
  • Precise dispensing due to handy syringe
  • Universal application

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Prosil is n ethanol solution of hydrolyzed 3-metacriloxipropiltrimetoxisilane used as a chemical bonding agent recommended for bonding and luting ceramic, ceromer, laboratorial resins and fiberglass posts.


4g bottle.

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Adhesion promoter for porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber


Treatment of internal surfaces of porcelain restorations and glass fiber posts before cementation with resin cements
Treatment of porcelain surfaces before repair with composite resin
Treatment of porcelain surfaces before bonding of porcelain

Silano - bottle with 5ml

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Ambar is a light curing adhesive system for enamel and dentin, responsible for the bond between tooth structure and restorative materials. Classified as a two-step conventional adhesive, Ambar combines primer and adhesive into a singe bottle, etching is required prior to the application of the adhesive. Among the main competitive advantages of Ambar, one can cite high immediate and post-cycling bond strength (on dentin and enamel), high chemical stability and resistance of the adhesive film generated after polymerization, adequate capacity of penetration of monomers into the collagen fibers of demineralized damp dentin, etc. These and other factors contribute to achieve greater longevity and safety in adhesion. Ambar is recommended for all classes of direct restorations repairs in ceramic, composites and adhesive cementation (combined use to resin cements).

6 ml Single Bottle

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